At the little hotel we stayed at in Kenya we had a sweet woman (Anna) who oversaw a lot of our stay; room, board, food, etc… Precious woman. I felt a conviction from the Holy Spirit early on to not overlook the very people right in front of us serving, and prayed I would get a quiet opportunity to sit and talk with Anna. Before dinner one day I asked if she could chat and we got to talk awhile. I asked her if she knew what we were doing there this week- and she didn’t. As I shared about why we were there, who Jesus was, the hope offered, etc… it became apparent early on that she was a Sister! It was one of the most encouraging and just beautiful conversations. Turns out she had been struggling and discouraged and just needed encouragement. I walked her through the gospel, through the hope we have in Jesus, through the encouragement and life given in following Him- she pulled out a paper and pen and took notes, writing down every single Scripture I shared and high points of truth she wanted to remember. It was such a neat moment; we ended it just holding hands and praying together. The rest of the week was so sweet being able to see her every morning and evening; hugging her neck and encouraging her with the work the Lord was doing that week in Kenya. She gave me her number, but I haven’t made that international call yet. I want to soon, just to see how she is!

– Rebekah, NEXT Staff

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