On our last ministry day in Ecuador we went to a local park to connect and share the gospel with individuals, families, kids that were there. The park was packed that day! I walked with a group of 3 other girls and we had so many awesome conversations. We spent several hours doing that, and at the end of the afternoon we were getting ready to leave when two young ladies (Damaris and Lisbeth) walked up to me. Damaris was in an English class and was given an assignment to video tape and interview (in English) an English speaking person. They saw me walking around with students and picked me to interview. Damaris interviewed me with several basic questions and then asked if I could just talk into the video and share whatever I wanted to share for her class. This was one of those incredible God ordained moments. I began to share the gospel; not just with these two ladies but when an entire class of Ecuadorian high-school students. One of our translators told me that since they were interviewing a North American, they would show the entire video (it ended up being around 20-30 minutes long). Once I finished speaking they turned the video off, and I got to continue to conversation with Damaris and Lisbeth. We prayed together and I pled with the Lord to save them. They had a lot of questions and are holding only several doubts; unwilling to surrender, but interested nonetheless. As an ambassador for Christ, we are representing His kingdom. Jesus wants His name to be praised in every people, nation, ethne, tongue… and He intentionally and strategically places His people where He wants them for the purpose of His name going forth. (Acts 17) This instance was a stark reminder of that for me- At that very exact moment, He sent two high school students on search of fulfilling an assignment to hear the gospel. In His divine and perfect plan, He brought them to that park and to our group.
– Rebekah, NEXT Staff

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