Raising support for your trip is important for several reasons:

Ministry takes a team:

  • It establishes in our hearts and the hearts of others that this endeavor is bigger than any individual and must be accomplished by God through multiple means.
  • It allows other people who aren’t going on the trip to be involved in the ministry and receive a huge blessing. In 1 Corinthians 3:6, Paul spoke of what he could do, what Apollos could do and then what only God could do.
  • It provides an opportunity for others to show their belief in you and bless you.

You have needs:

  • …financial support
  • …prayer support
  • …discipline of preparation
  • …humility from asking others to help and from seeing God provide

Below is a checklist for you to follow as you raise your support:

Step 1: Make a List of Potential Supporters

Below is a list to help get you thinking about all the people to whom you can send a letter:

Former Neighbors
Christian Bookstore
Church Friends
Community Leaders
Parents’ Friends
Family Attorney
School Friends
Apartment Manager
Spiritual Mentors
People You’ve Led to Christ
Former Teachers
Prayer Groups
Real Estate Agents
Neighborhood Association
Bible Study Groups
Former Employers
Church Staff
Small Group Leaders
Former babysitter
Business-person’s Groups

Step 2: Write Your Letter (Tell Your Story)

Why have you have decided to go on a mission trip? Each person has a unique story behind what has led them to participate in this opportunity. Share that story. Tell people why you’re going on this trip and let them know how their contribution will help you accomplish God’s purposes and plans.

One fundraising website claims that campaigns on their site that contain pictures receive six times more donations than those without pictures. Include some pictures of yourself and/or the people and place you will be serving to help bring your story to life!

Here are some things your support letter should include:

    • Your complete name and address
    • Opening paragraph: Greeting and your current activities
    • Details about the campaign –place, date, purpose, etc.
    • Ask them to be on your team as a prayer partner and a financial partner
    • Price of the trip
    • How they can give:

Donations can be made online OR send in a check made payable to East-West Ministries with the following text on the memo line: “with preference for [insert your name and trip code].” Include details about how and where to send it. (The trip code being included and accurate is crucial, as our finance department processes thousands of checks for trip participants – and we want to apply the check to the appropriate person

  • IMPORTANT: This statement must be included in your letter: “If for any reason I’m unable to participate in the trip, your gift will be used to support the short-term mission program of NEXT Worldwide.”
  • Close with final comments and signature.

Step 3: Assemble Mail-Out & Utilize Social Media

Mail Out:

  • Hand addressing the mailing envelope adds a personal touch.
  • Include a self-addressed, pre-stamped envelope with support letter.

Utilize Social Media:

  • The last step of your online application will require you to set up a Personal Headquarters/Fundraising Page that can be linked to Facebook and Twitter.
  • This page can be used to tell all your friends about your upcoming trip, keep them updated on your financial progress and prayer requests, and receive financial support for your trip.

Step 4: Keep Track of Support

Create a spreadsheet to record:

  • Name of supporter
  • Address of supporter
  • Amount of support
  • Date support received
  • Type (online, check #, cash)
  • Date thank-you is sent
  • Date newsletter is sent

Set up and check your fundraising page often

    This will help you know your support-status and keep your supporters informed of your progress through social networking!

Step 5: Turn your Funds into NEXT Worldwide

If by check:

  1. Make checks payable to East-West Ministries
  2. Verify that your name and Trip Code are on the memo line so we can credit the right account.
  3. Mail checks to East-West Ministries, 2001 W. Plano Parkway, Set. 3000, Plano, TX 75075


  1. Go to www.NEXTWorldwide.org/give
  2. Choose “Give to a Participant” and search by name
  3. Click on the name of the person you want to give to and you will be taken to their personal fundraising page where you can
  4. click “Give Now”

Step 6: Send Thank-You Notes Immediately

This is important because it:

  • Tells supporters that you have received their gift
  • Conveys that they are valued
  • Allows you to bless them

*It is best to send a note within one week of receiving their gift.

Step 7: Send a Newsletter Following the Trip

This is important because it allows the supporter to see how God blessed their prayer and financial gift. It also gives them an opportunity to continue in the ministry by praying for you and those to whom you ministered.

Things to include in your newsletter:

  • Thank you to your supporters
  • Stories of encounters you had in sharing the gospel and discipling individuals, interesting and funny things that happened, etc.
  • Pictures of people with whom you worked
  • Ways God worked in and through you
  • Any conclusions, new direction, life-change, or future plans that came from your experience
SAMPLEClick here to see a sample newsletter.


At NEXT Worldwide we believe God has entrusted us with His resources and challenged us to be good stewards. These guidelines are designed to ensure good stewardship and help provide each participant with the best overall experience possible.

  • Initial Trip Deposit: Your trip deposit is non-refundable. Deposits may be transferred to another participant until the Travel Cost Deadline. After this date, the deposit becomes non-transferrable.
  • All Donations are Non-Refundable: As a 501c3 non-pro t organization, all funds obtained for NEXT Worldwide mission trips are considered unrestricted charitable contributions receiving a tax deduction and therefore, the property of NEXT Worldwide for federal income tax purposes.
  • Payment Deadlines Must be Met: If payment deadlines are not met, the participant may be subject to an increase in trip cost or a trip cancellation.
  • Trip Cost: The cost of each trip includes airfare, lodging, in-country food and transportation, translators, evangelism and leadership materials, funds for the new church-plant, funds for the church- planting partner, church-planting resources and trip costs for two NEXT sta members.
  • Airline Tickets: Once an airline ticket has been purchased, the cost to cover the designated ticket is non-refundable and non-transferrable.
  • Factors Beyond our Control: Certain elements like the cost of airline tickets, fuel surcharges, country taxes and fluctuations in the value of the US dollar, etc. are beyond our control. We strive to provide the most accurate and cost efficient trip price, but uctuating costs may cause trip prices to change. While rare, NEXT Worldwide also reserves the right to adjust prices, change the location of or cancel a trip when warranted by circumstances beyond the control of the organization.


If a participant is not able to go on the trip, the following policy will be in effect:

    • A NEXT Worldwide trip participant may be allowed to use his/her account balance, (minus deposit and airfare charged to that point) towards another NEXT Worldwide trip in the following calendar year. If the participant is unable to go on another trip in the next year, the participant may designate the transfer of funds (minus deposit and airfare charged up to that point) to another trip participant on that same trip or the participant’s account balance will go to further the mission of NEXT Worldwide. If funds are transferred to a new person after the Travel Cost Due Date, that trip’s deposit amount will be required by the new person before the departure date.

NEXT reserves the right to change the location of or cancel a trip when deemed necessary by the NEXT Worldwide leadership.


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