One key concern most parents have is the safety of their children.  Here at NEXT Worldwide we take the safety of your child very seriously.  We do not want to be ruled by fear, but we do want to be wise is the choices we make. While there is no way to guarantee someone’s safety on a trip, our experienced and well-trained mission staff take numerous steps to minimize risks and to have good safety measures and plans in place for all of our trips, such as:

  • Regularly monitoring reports from the US Dept. of State, the Embassies, and other government agencies related to the countries in which we work.
  • Communicating regularly with our partners who live in the areas we serve.  As we receive updates, we evaluate our current plans and make any needed adjustments.
  • Enrolling in the Smart Traveller Enrollment Program through the Dept. of State – This gives us instant notification of any warnings or advisory notices of the areas we are traveling and alerts the Embassy nearest our location of our presence in the country should something arise while we are there.
  • Using  transportation and lodging services in country which are known to be safe and secure. Most of the lodging places we stay in are in a compound like setting with a perimeter wall and controlled entry.  Many also have security guards on the premises.
  • Always traveling with locals from site to site as well as when we are out in the community to guide us away from unsafe or potentially dangerous areas.
  • Providing team orientation on site to prepare trip participants to have situational awareness and alertness for potentially unsafe situations.
  • Trip participants always travel in groups to minimize risk.
  • We do our ministry out in the community during the day and are back in our secure lodging by dark.
  • Working diligently with our church-planting partners to provide healthy food/drink preparation in every region in which we work.To the best of their ability, the church-planting partner strives to provide such safety in every area according to NEXT Worldwide’s standards and instructions.
  • Team leaders having the names, location, and contact information of the nearest medical care facilities to our mission sites.
  • We have travel insurance for every trip participant that covers not only medical issues, but also emergency evacuation if needed for medical or other safety issues.
  • Our Staff is trained in CPR and first aid, as well as emergency situation planning and preparedness.
  • Cancelling or redirecting trips to other locations if we feel that the security concerns are too great.


NEXT Worldwide is not responsible for any immunization or medical advice provided prior to travel. We ask, for the health and safety of every participant on a NEXT trip, that each individual consult a trained and licensed medical professional. A family doctor can advise and/or administer any necessary vaccinations/immunizations that may be needed prior to travel based on travel destination and pre-existing health conditions. You can also check with your county health department.

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