NEXT Staff will encourage you and provide you with resources through the process of support raising and pre-trip training in order to prepare you for the mission ahead of you.


  • You will serve alongside the NEXT team in a community to help a church-planting pastor and his team establish a new church. In special instances, we may work with an existing church as a part of an overall church planting strategy.
  • You will walk the community and engage people in conversation for the purpose of sharing the gospel and connecting them with the new church. In some locations, you will do compassion or service-oriented ministry that will connect people with the local church team in order to engage them with the gospel.
  • You will participate in a high-level, proven leadership-training experience each day that will equip you to be a skilled, missional leader the day you get home.
  • On most trips, you will have a ‘cultural day’ on which you will experience something unique to the particular region of the world in which you are serving.


NEXT staff will provide you with follow up materials to help you process the experience and develop a plan to Live the Mission at home.  We will also provide you with opportunities to further engage missionally with others.

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Guatemala Mission Trip