We know there are a number of emotions parents encounter when their children are considering serving on a mission trip.  Fear, hope, anxiousness, excitement, anticipation, pride, concern, joy… Whatever emotions you are feeling right now, we hope you will prayerfully evaluate and plan for the incredible opportunity that awaits your child.

When your son or daughter goes on a NEXT Worldwide trip, they’ll experience…

    A Life-Changing Opportunity: 

    They’ll have a unique chance to both learn and experience what it means to be a part of God’s global purpose.

    Strategic Outreach: 

    They’ll receive thorough pre-trip preparation on how to share the gospel. On the field, they’ll step outside their comfort zone, share Jesus, and begin the discipleship process in the community where they are helping a church become established.

    Impactful Disciple-Making:

    They’ll gain a fresh new perspective on what it means to make disciples of all nations both through church planting missions and missional leadership training designed to help them Live the Mission at home.

    Life-long Transformation: 

    Our approach will teach them that missions is not just something they do on a break. The trip is a catalyst for changing their outlook on life and equipping them to live missionally every day.

Guatemala Mission Trip
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