One of the best things you can do to help your child prepare for this experience is to regularly pray for them, and encourage them in their relationship with Christ.  Yes, forms need to be filled out, and money needs to be raised, but more importantly, hearts need to be prepared.  Your son or daughter is engaging in something spiritually significant and there will be hard times in the process.  Commit now to lift your child up in prayer as they step into this amazing journey.  Download our prayer guide here.


If traveling internationally, every trip participant will need a valid passport. (It must be valid for at least 6 months after their anticipated return date.)

  • It can take 6-8 weeks to get a passport, so it is vital that you apply as soon as possible (now!).
  • Passport applications can be picked up at a local post office or downloaded here. Passport renewal and change forms can be acquired in the same locations. Follow the instructions on the form. You must appear before your local passport agency (usually postmaster or clerk of court) for the signing and witnessing of the application.  You can find your local passport agency on the internet at
  • Minors under age 16 cannot apply for a passport by themselves.
      • If available, both parents should appear in person with the minor.
      • If one parent is not available, then the application must be accompanied by a notarized, signed Form DS-3053 from the parent that is not applying with the minor.
  • Your completed passport application, two passport photos, passport fees and state birth certificate/or old passport will be collected by your local passport office and forwarded to the nearest US Passport Processing Center.
  • You should receive the passport within 6-8 weeks from the date that you apply for your passport. If you run out of time: Call a local private passport expediting service company (Google it); OR call the Washington Passport Service Company at 1.800.272.7776. Additional fees are required for these services. You may also need a copy of confirmed tickets or a travel itinerary from the NEXT Worldwide office.
  • For more information on passports, visit the US Passport Site


Before any travel occurs, domestic or international, it is important to consider your health and well being. We encourage you to talk with and/or visit a trusted medical professional before participating on any trip.

  • A family doctor or travel doctor can advise and/or administer any necessary vaccinations that may be needed prior to travel based on destination and pre-existing health conditions.
  • The Center for Disease Control also has very helpful information regarding immunizations and travel health. Click here for more information.
*NEXT Worldwide is not responsible for any immunization or medical advice provided prior to travel. We ask that, for the health and safety of every participant on a NEXT trip, each individual consult a trained and licensed medical professional. However,if a particular vaccination or immunization is REQUIRED by a country to which we are traveling FOR ENTRY into their country, you will be informed of this requirement by NEXT Staff.


Due to the short-term nature of mission trips with NEXT Worldwide, most countries we visit do not require a visa prior to arrival. Typically, a visitor visa is issued upon arrival into the country and visa costs as well as entry/exit taxes are figured into your trip cost.

  • If a visa must be obtained prior to arriving, this process will be managed by your Mission Leader and is included in the cost of your trip.
  • For more information regarding requirements for Americans traveling abroad, visit The U.S. Department of State website here. This site will give you country-specific information on passports, visas, immunizations, medical information, additional fees, and conditions abroad.


Even if you can afford to write a check to cover your child’s trip costs, raising support for the trip is important for several reasons:

  • Ministry takes a team:
    • It establishes in our hearts and the hearts of others that this endeavor is bigger than any individual and must be accomplished by God through multiple means.
    • It allows other people who aren’t going on the trip to be involved in the ministry and receive a huge blessing. In 1 Corinthians 3:6, Paul spoke of what he could do, what Apollos could do and then what only God could do.
    • It provides an opportunity for others to show their belief in you and bless you.
  • Your child has needs:
    • …financial support
    • …prayer support
    • …discipline of preparation
    • …humility from asking others to help and from seeing God provide
For more details on Support Raising and more detailed list of how to raise support, see our Support Raising Page.


    • Trip Release Form – a legal form which must be signed and notarized outlining the terms of your agreement to participate in a NEXT trip.
Minor ReleaseDownload our Trip Release Form For Minors (for those who will be under 18 years old by trip departure date)
Adult ReleaseDownload our Trip Release Form For Adults (for those who will be 18 or older by trip departure date)

    • Background Check– A background check is required for any participant who will be 18 or older by the trip departure date.
      • It can take up to 2 weeks for this to complete and be visible on your profile.
      • You can see if you have a valid background check on file by logging in to ‘My Trip‘, or contacting our office.
      • Background checks are valid for 3 years, so if you have completed one of these for a NEXT trip then please check your profile under ‘My Trip’ before submitting again or contact our office to verify.
      • Click here to download instructions on completing your background check.
Complete BCClick here to complete your background check online.

  • Submit a Copy of your Passport – NEXT needs a copy or picture that includes BOTH the Face and signature page of each participant’s passport.  This document can be uploaded to the participant’s profile by logging in to ‘My Trip’, or the picture can be emailed to the NEXT office.


Below is a list of policies and information that all trip participants agree to when registering for one of our trips. Please click on each link and familiarize yourself with our policies and expectations.

  • Financial Statement – a document outlining the financial terms of agreement to participate in a NEXT trip.
  • Conduct Statement – a list outlining conduct expectations for each participant on a NEXT trip.
  • Belief Statement – a doctrinal statement of belief that outlines broad theological points to which every NEXT trip participant must agree and uphold.


We want participants to be as prepared as possible going into the trip. Below is a standard packing list to get you started! Prior to the trip, the Mission Leader will let participants know of specific needs for your trip that may be different from what is listed on our standard packing list. The trip specific list will be available at the Pre-Trip Meeting or you can ask for an advanced copy as needed.

Packing ListClick here to download a packing list.