Before any travel occurs, domestic or international, it is important to consider your health and well being. We encourage you to talk with and/or visit a trusted medical professional before participating on any trip.

    • A family doctor or travel doctor can advise and/or administer any necessary vaccinations that may be needed prior to travel based on destination and pre-existing health conditions.
    • The Center for Disease Control also has very helpful information regarding immunizations and travel health. Click here for more information.

Another helpful site is The State Department Page for the particular countries to which you are traveling. Click here and then the in your destination country and hit enter. This site will give you a wealth of country-specific information on requirements for entry, including any required or suggested immunizations for entry.

*NEXT Worldwide is not responsible for any immunization or medical advice provided prior to travel. We ask that, for the health and safety of every participant on a NEXT trip, each individual consult a trained and licensed medical professional. However,if a particular vaccination or immunization is REQUIRED by a country to which we are traveling FOR ENTRY into their country, you will be informed of this requirement by NEXT Staff.