From the initial interest email to trip follow up, NEXT coordinates and organizes every step of the process. Group leaders only have to focus on getting their participants to sign up for the trip, and facilitating the provided pre-trip training, and NEXT takes it from there. While on the trip, we teach and train students in Missional Leadership Skills, so that their experience doesn’t end with the trip, but becomes a way of life- Living the Mission.

Below is an outline of what you can expect from us, and a short list of what we expect from you…


NEXT Worldwide

  • Establishes & equips church-planting partners/pastors
  • Provides promotional materials
  • Facilitates student/parent info meetings (SPIM)
  • Processes applications, release forms, & background checks
  • Provides support raising tools & processes donor contributions/receipts
  • Organizes all trip logistics, including airfare and insurance
  • Provides evagelism tools and training
  • Provides pre-trip training materials
  • Hosts final pre-trip meeting with parents/students

Group Leader

  • Reserve trip space & host a trip information meeting
  • Promote trip with your group & mobilize participants to fulfill trip deadlines and responsibilities (resources provided)
  • Facilitate pre-trip training (resources provided)
  • Host final pre-trip meeting
  • Get team to the airport on time


NEXT Worldwide

  • Coordinate all trip logistics (transportation, food, lodging, ministry sites and activities)
  • Provide daily devotionals for trip participants
  • Teach Catalyst Leadership Series
  • Facilitate team meetings & debrief sessions

Group Leader

  • Participate in the trip with your team
  • Enourage and minister to trip participants


NEXT Worldwide

  • Provide follow up curriculum for participants
  • Provide follow up curriculum for group leaders
  • Provide guide for parents to help participants process trip
  • Provide next steps for students considering engaging further in missions

Group Leader

  • Lead group through follow up curriculum
  • Help students process and apply what they learned



  • If traveling internationally, NEXT staff will connect with you before you leave the country and fly to our destination together.
  • If traveling domestically, NEXT staff will meet you at the mission destination.


  • NEXT staff works with the group leaders to determine the best rooming arrangements, and will take care of all the details.


  • Orientation is designed to: a) help us prepare ourselves spiritually, b) orient our perspectives toward being ready to serve and accomplish our mission, and c) prepare us to hear what the Lord wants to say to us this week.

MINISTRY DAYS (3-4 days)

  • Catalyst leadership training: Part of the mission of NEXT Worldwide is to see God raise up young men and women who will lead with great maturity and skill in their circles of influence when they return home.
  • Evangelism and discipleship: NEXT partners with young churches to engage people in the community, to share about the new church/group in their community, and to share the good news of Jesus Christ. On a NEXT trip, we will also begin walking new believers in the community through a basic discipleship material that the church will continue with after we go home.
  • Evening meeting: We are intentionally more relationship-driven than program-driven. If the schedule and logistics allow, the new churches will host a fellowship-type meeting in the evenings in order to meet new believers and/or people from the community who are interested in finding out more about the new group/church.
  • Daily debrief: Each evening, after our group returns to the place we are staying, we will have a time to reflect on the day, hear stories, answer questions and prepare for the next day.


  • Shopping, sight-seeing and fun
  • Many of the places we go have unique cultural experiences that we don’t have at home. Our hope is to both give you a unique cultural experience and allow some time to shop for souvenirs.


  • Head home better equipped to Live the Mission.


One thing that sets us apart from other mission organizations is our focus on developing our participants into leaders. We have three leadership tracks we teach through on the field on a rotating basis. We begin a new track each June. Currently we are teaching our Red Track. In June 2016 we will begin our Yellow Track, and in June 2018 we will begin our blue track. Below is a list of topics covered in each track. These tracks cover soft and hard skills of leadership as well as topics on missions. Much of this material has been adapted and used by permission from the LeadWell and Perspectives on the World Christian Movement classes. For a list of what topics are covered in each track, click here.

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