Below is a collection of quicklinks to pages and files that will be helpful in preparing your group for your trip.


In order to promote your Trip Information Meeting and trip registration, we have developed some resources to help you.  Posters, postcards, email reminders, social media posts, etc. are all here for you to edit and use as needed.

Promote Your TripDownload promotional materials here.


One vital part of your mission experience is preparation. In order for your group to be able to serve and minister effectively, they must be as prepared as possible. It is our job to help equip you to train your team prior to the trip. Each participant is required to go through the Pre-Trip Training for each mission trip. This training will provide practical information to help prepare your group for all that they will experience on the trip. Below, you will find links that will take you to the videos and provide you with listening guides to use while watching the training.

Pre-Trip TrainingClick here to access the Group Leader Training Guide and training videos.


One thing that sets us apart from other mission organizations is our focus on developing our participants into leaders.  We have a three leadership tracks we teach through on the field on a rotating basis. These tracks cover soft and hard skills of leadership as well as topics on missions.  Much of this material has been adapted and used by permission from the LeadWell and Perspectives on the World Christian Movements classes. We begin a new track each June.  Currently we are teaching our Red Track.  In June 2016 we will begin our Yellow Track, and in June 2017 we will begin our blue track.

CATALYST TRACKSClick here to see a list of topics covered in each track.


We hope our trips are just the beginning for you and your group. We have provided you with some resources to help your group continue processing and putting into practice the insights they gained through the trip.


Click here for a follow up guide to help your group process your trip experience


Click here for a 10 day devotional you can give to participants to use following your trip


Click here for a guide you can give to parents to help them help their teen process what they experienced on the field


We want participants to be as prepared as possible going into the trip. Below is a standard packing list to get started! Prior to the trip, the NEXT Mission Leader will let you and the trip participants know of specific needs for your trip that may be different from what is listed on our standard packing list. The trip specific list will be available at the Pre-Trip Meeting or you can ask for an advanced copy as needed.

PACKING LISTClick here for a sample packing list.