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A family doctor can advise and/or administer any necessary vaccinations that may be needed prior to travel based on travel destination and pre-existing health conditions. You can also check with your county health department.

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has very helpful information regarding immunizations and travel health by country at

Click here for instructions and links to a passport application and your local passport agency.
We do not suggest bringing more than $100 with you. Currency rate changes per country, but you will never need more than $100. That money is used for meals not provided by NEXT and for all souvenirs. All meals from the moment we step into the country of destination to the moment we leave are provided by NEXT. That means that each participant must purchase any meals or snacks at the airport.
For each trip, we give a 24/7 emergency contact number that is local and has direct communication with us overseas. At any time, you can contact them and they will be able to contact us. If you need to speak directly to your student, we will then give you a call from a number that has an international plan. There is occasional WIFI access where we travel, but that cannot be guaranteed, so we advise not counting on that being an avenue for communication.
That is ultimately up to you and your child. However, we cannot guarantee your child’s electronic device will be safe while in another country. We would advise not bringing cell phones, laptop computers or iPads. We understand that it is important to capture their experience, so we would recommend purchasing a digital or disposable camera for your child to bring with them.
Please click here to view a packing list. At our final pre-trip meeting we will let you know if there are any additional items needed for your child’s specific trip location.
Please have those medications properly labeled and packed in your child’s luggage. We do not legally have the authority to distribute those medications to your child. You can, however, speak to your child’s youth pastor or leader, and they can help remind your child to take their medications. If there are very specific instructions and you think your child needs extra care, please write these on your medical form and we will act accordingly.
Click here to see a typical trip schedule.
For more information on raising support, check out our Support Raising Resources page.
NEXT Worldwide regards safety and security as one of our most important priorities. We work diligently with our church-planting partner to provide a safe environment and healthy food/drink preparation in every region we work. We are constantly monitoring the safety of the areas in which we work as well as preparing contingency plans in case the need arises. Travel insurance is included in our trip costs to cover any in-country medical needs as well as emergency evacuation if needed. Additionally all NEXT mission leaders are first aid/CPR certified. For a more comprehensive list of our safety measures, please click here.
From the initial trip interest meeting to trip follow up, NEXT coordinates and organizes every step of the process. Youth pastors and parents have only to deal with getting their students signed up for the trip, and NEXT takes it from there. While on the trip, we teach and train students in leadership skills so that their experience is not just a good time, but also a way of life — Living the Mission. We plant churches in our countries so students’ efforts are part of a long-term work.
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