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In order to provide the best and most cost-effective trip experience for both you and our church planting partners, our minimum group size for trips is fifteen (15).
If your group size is under 20, we will try to pair you with another group to reach our ideal group size for the trip. Our ideal group size on most trips is 20-25 participants.
Our ideal group size on most trips is 20-25 participants. However, we have taken groups of over 100 to certain locations. If you have a large group, please contact us to discuss options for your group.
Start by submitting a trip request form. NEXT staff will follow up to give you an overview of your trip details and options. You will then receive a group agreement that will need to be signed and returned with a group deposit to reserve your group’s space.
NEXT Worldwide regards safety and security as one of our most important priorities. We work diligently with our church-planting partner to provide a safe environment and healthy food/drink preparation in every region we work. We are constantly monitoring the safety of the areas in which we work as well as preparing contingency plans in case the need arises. Travel insurance is included in our trip costs to cover any in-country medical needs as well as emergency evacuation if needed. Additionally all NEXT mission leaders are first aid/CPR certified. For a more comprehensive list of our safety measures, please click here.
By combining church-planting missions with student leadership training, your students will be challenged in a unique way to Live the Mission God has for their lives—wherever that may be! From the moment you sign up, you’ll be connected with a NEXT mission leader who will guide you through every step of the process — from travel planning, to your Student & Parent Info Meeting (SPIM), to pre-trip training, to on-the-field logistics and training, to post-trip follow-up — allowing you to do what God called you to do: minister to your students.
The best thing you can do is to prepare yourself and the team spiritually. Begin now by praying for your team and for the ministry God is preparing for you. We will provide you with a trip planning guide as well as pre-trip training materials that will walk you through this process. Please take this seriously. It is always evident on the first day in country who has worked diligently through the training material and who has not!
For a more comprehensive look at our pre-trip training materials, please click here.
Your group deposit, less $100 per person for each person less than your group minimum, will be available to you as the group leader to use or divide among any trip participants trip accounts you choose including your own.
Most people begin reserving space for their mission trip 12-15 months prior to the trip. Individual trip participants usually begin registering and raising their funds 6-10 months prior to the trip.
Pre-trip training should begin 2-3 months before departure.
One of the greatest tragedies coming out of an event like this would be if students went home, showed some pictures, shared some stories, had a good feeling for a few weeks or months, but there was no real life-change — no long-term impact. We are committed to preparing trip participants to “Live the Mission” not just on our trips, but everyday. When participants get home we want them to be equipped with skills they can use to accomplish the mission God has called them to in their neighborhood as well as among the nations.
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If your group size is under 20, we will try to pair you with another group to reach our ideal group size for the trip. However, during the trip you will be on ministry teams with your own group. You will also have time to process with your own group throughout the trip.
Final trip costs will include everything with the exception of passports, immunizations, and money for souvenirs and snacks. However the prices listed on our website do not include transportation. Travel costs will be added once an airfare contract has been obtained for your group.
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