Here at NEXT, we’re about much more than just mission trips. To help participants “Live the Mission” , we’ve brought together church planting missions and missional leadership training into one life-changing journey that will give them the tools, knowledge, and experience necessary to radically transform how they live their lives. On a trip with NEXT Worldwide, participants will be a part of planting a new church in an area with little to no gospel witness through evangelism and discipleship. They will also receive high-level, proven leadership training to give them the tools they need to become a skilled, missional leaders when they return home!
If you are a registered trip participant with a login, then the ‘Trip Login’ link takes you to a landing page where there are messages and alerts specifically for you. You are able to add to and update your application until we have all required information. You are also able to change your address, email, phone number and any other information from this location.
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