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drweb0005On the northern coast of the island of Hispaniola, which is shared by Haiti and the Dominican Republic, is the city of Puerto Plata.

The people of the Puerto Plata represent a unique mixture of the past and present. Their land has traded hands between the French and Haitians, the Dutch and English, and has been influenced by people from the Middle East. The Dominican Republic is truly a “global village” in terms of its people and cultural mix.

Puerto Plata is primarily a tourist destination, but it is also home to approximately 200,000 people.There is a great economic contrast between the tourists enjoying the beach resorts and many of the local residents of Puerto Plata who live day to day and have many needs.

In 2016, NEXT began a partnership in Puerto Plata with Mashach Ministries. Alex and Aty Hasbun lead Mashach Ministries and work in Puerto Plata and the surrounding areas to expand the Kingdom of God. They are sensitive to meeting the spiritual needs of the people who live in their communities, and also desire to provide for their physical needs. Through weekly discipleship classes they are training leaders to start churches in areas that need the gospel.

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