On the way to Ecuador last March I had an aisle seat and was so excited… until a sweet woman walked by and needed an aisle seat, so I was moved closer and got a middle seat 🙂 Before we even took off,  the woman sitting next to me (Genoveva- she’s Ecuadorian but speaks English) introduced herself to me and we began chatting. We briefly talked about what we do, etc etc… so it didn’t take long for her to begin hearing about Christ from me. Not long into my explanation, she started crying. Not just a few tears, but flowing tears pouring down her cheeks. She explained that she was incredibly lonely and hurting. Being 40 and single, she told me that, in Ecuador, that’s essentially saying you’ll die alone. Her wrestle ran deep and her pain was very real. Through her tears she told me that she saw a joy in me she didn’t understand; saw a contentment that she wanted, and asked how I had it. So cool how the Lord takes my deepest sanctification (in singleness) for His glory and the good of someone else. For the next few hours, we got to just talk; I shared about Christ, I told my story, I encouraged her. Growing up catholic, she had heard a rocky version of the gospel, and was completely enthralled by everything I said to her. We talked through different theologies, differences between Catholicism and evangelical Christianity; talked about the character of God. We swapped names and have kept up on Facebook. Just yesterday we were talking and she was sharing about how difficult things have been, and again, I got to encourage her. She beginning to read through the Book of John- and the Psalms- and asked me if I would help teach her and pray for her. I would love for y’all to pray for her to. Pray He would call her to Himself in a deep and genuine faith; that He would be near in her hurting, and that he would continue to use our friendship.

-Rebekah, NEXT Staff

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