NEXT partners with church planting pastors around the world to

      • Develop Leaders that will…
      • Establish Churches that will…
      • Transform Communities that will…
      • Send to the Nations that will Reproduce again and again.


NEXT enters into long-term partnerships with church planting pastors and their networks. We help with the leadership development of pastors and key leaders against the backdrop of this four-part strategy of: developing leaders, establishing churches, transforming communities and sending (people from that region of the world) to the nations.

We don’t preach sermons at the leadership conferences, but offer a “toolbox of training” in four key areas: theology, ministry skills, leadership skills, and personal spiritual growth. We want to help increase their leadership capacity and skills in order to accomplish the vision that God has already given them.


God has ordained the local church to be the primary vehicle for advancing His kingdom, making disciples and meeting the spiritual, physical and emotional needs of their community.

NEXT partners with pastors over a period of several years to, as much as possible, help the young church become healthy and established – so that it can be effective in its mission, which includes planting other church-planting-churches.

We will work with the local church to verbally communicate the gospel to people in its community, and at times, if needed for that part of the strategy, work through the church to do ‘community transformation’ ministry.


Is the community there to build the church – or is the church there to build the community? Our goal is to see the churches that we serve, be servants of the gospel to the people in the community.

Rather than starting a church, adding some new believers from the community and stopping there – transformational churches see themselves as conduits of the gospel to meet the spiritual, physical and emotional needs of the people God has placed around them.


God’s call to make disciples of all the nations is a call to all believers everywhere. NEXT believes that part of our role in God’s kingdom advancement is to challenge, not just American believers, but believers all over the world to go to the ends of the earth with the gospel.

The ‘Mission Pipeline’ is to be filled with Christ followers from every tribe, nation and tongue that has the gospel!


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