NEXT serves the US church in order to provide: 

  • A vehicle to engage people in church planting missions,
  • Discipleship materials before, during and after the trip,
  • Complete travel planning and logistics,
  • Resources to continue leadership development in order to Live the Mission


From inception NEXT has had at heart a love for, and a desire to serve the local church. We realize that not everyone has the bandwidth or the connections to plan and administrate all the details of an effective missions experience that will allow them to go to the nations.

NEXT provides a vehicle to do just that. Our organization doesn’t exist if we can’t work through the church at home and the church on the mission field. Our mission is expressly focused on church planting missions and leadership development. We are praying for ‘workers for His harvest’ (Matthew 9:38) to help us share the gospel and establish new churches among the nations.


Before: You will be provided with video-based training that will prepare you/or your group specifically for the church planting mission on which you will participate.

During: NEXT Worldwide has partnered with Lead Well, a world-class leadership training organization that trains leaders in business and ministry. We have tailored leadership training that not only motivates, but also gives participants ‘tools for their leadership toolbox’ that they will be able to use the day they get home, as well as for the long haul.

After: We offer follow-up material to be used, as you see fit, to continue to fan into flame the work that God began in the lives of the participants who went on the trip.


Obviously, trips like these contain hundreds of details. NEXT Worldwide’s desire is to serve you, by taking care of every detail, including travel arrangements so you can do what you signed up to do – minister to and with the other trip participants.


Leaders are at their best when they are placing others in a position to use their gifts for God’s kingdom advancement. We believe that the highest calling of leaders is to develop other leaders – to accomplish a shared vision – not to use people just to accomplish their goals.

We recommend utilizing resources that will not just infuse people with more information, but release them to lead. There are many good resources out there. Here’s what we currently provide that can be used to develop and release leaders:

  • Use The Catalyst Leadership Experience that you go through on the mission field. You will be taught specific ‘hard skills’ (what a leader DOES) and ‘soft skills’ (who a leader IS). Skills cannot and will not be developed without repetition and consistent use. After the trip, go back through the training and write out specific ways that you are leading and utilizing these skills as you lead. Encourage other participants to do the same.
  •  Use the post-trip discipleship material to continue to encourage and hold other participants accountable to put into practice what they learned on the trip.
  • After completing these practical training resources, multiply yourself. Take others through the same training. You will begin to flourish like never before.

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