Are you interested in making a difference in the lives of the NEXT generation both here in the United States and around the world? We’re asking the Lord to send people who want to engage the NEXT generation of leaders and churches in God’s mission to call worshipers from every nation. We’re praying for people who are ready to use their career skills for the advancement of God’s kingdom. When you work at NEXT Worldwide, you will first and foremost be a Mission Leader where you will coordinate and lead church-planting mission trips for students. You will also use the strengths and passions God has given you to propel the mission of NEXT forward. Go to work each morning knowing that you’re making a difference in the lives of students and offering the hope of Jesus Christ to people around the globe through church-planting missions! Find out more about employment opportunities at NEXT by contacting Shawn Bettes. You can reach him at shawn.bettes@NEXTworldwide.org or 972.355.4100. We look forward to meeting you!


Here at NEXT, we love investing in the NEXT generation because we feel that God is working in and through them in unprecedented ways. We meet more and more students every year who are tired of just watching others make a difference. They have a God-given desire to Live the Mission! As part of our investment, we offer summer internships for students who want to take the NEXT step toward living a more missional life. When you take part in an internship with NEXT, you’ll not only get to experience and help lead two NEXT church-planting trips, you’ll also receive powerful training that will radically transform how you see God’s calling on your life. We offer Associate Intern positions for high-school students age 16 and over, as well as full College Intern positions for college-aged students. Simply complete and submit the application to NEXT Worldwide before October 27, 2016 for 2017 Summer Internships. As soon as we receive your application, our intern team will be in touch with you to discuss the process.

Click here to find out more information, or email Mary Frost (mary.frost@nextworldwide.org) or call 972.355.4100.

Thank you!